command-t didn’t automatically work/build in a WSL/Nix setup, I managed to build it manually, so I figured I’d document how that was done in case someone finds themselves in the same very-specific scenario. Or future me, when I need to rebuild.

First I went into nvim, and ran :ruby puts "#{RUBY_VERSION}-p#{RUBY_PATCHLEVEL}", which told me I was on version 2.5.5, and patch 157.

Then I went into ~/.config/nvim/plugged/command-t/ruby/command-t/ext/command-t, and then ran:

nix-shell -p ruby

Then I made a small test file called tst.rb with the following content:


Luckily, that also output version 2.5.5, and patch 157. Since the version that nvim uses, and the one nix shell installed match I can use that executable to build manually, which was done with the following commands while stilll inside ~/.config/nvim/plugged/command-t/ruby/command-t/ext/command-t:

ruby extconf.rb