Here are some commands, and a few other things I’ve found out as I mess around with OS X. I’m keeping the most remarkable here so I don’t forget them.

If you press: Command + Shift + G you can paste an entire directory to navigate directly to it.



Multi Screen Screenshot is done with Command + Shift + 3, this one kind of sucks with multiple monitors. In general just use Command + Shift + 4, it lets you select an area, but if while you have the area select going you press Space it will let you select a Window instead.

The two above have puush auto hooks.

Recursively ‘own’ a folder

You can recursively take ownership of a folder (Get read/write) by using the following two commands:

chmod -R 777 /Users/Test/Desktop/PATH


The chmod first gives you read/write permissions on the folder and children. The second one removes the OS X ‘Locked’ flag which wouldn’t let you edit files. The two above are very useful when copy-pasting something from Windows.

Use Media Hotkeys with a non-apple keyboard

Download Karabiner with brew cask install karabiner and then in settings turn on the following:

Karabiner settings</img>

Hide a folder

To hide a folder use the terminal and use the following command:

chflags hidden /path/to/folder/

This will hide the folder in Finder. Although you can still access it with manual traveling to route, or with your terminal.

To remove the hidden flag use the following command:

chflags nohidden /path/to/folder/

Manually add stuff to your $PATH

To manually add stuff to your system PATH use the command:

nano ~/.bash_profile 

And then manually add a line with the reference

export PATH="/Users/zyst/anaconda/bin:$PATH"

Add a terminal alias

To add an alias for the terminal open your bash_profile and add the alias after alias name='commands'.

nano ~/.bash_profile 

alias muse='mpd && mpdas && ncmpcpp'

More to come soon as I keep finding them out!